About US

As two close friends living in Miami Beach, we wanted to create a product that honored the kind of simple, nutritious, plant-based ingredients we gravitate toward, with the traditional, decadent flavors of Italian gelato that we had grown to love.

At first, our goal was simply to make it for ourselves at home. We spent months playfully experimenting in the kitchen, trying to perfect our recipe, but we quickly realized this was too good to keep for just ourselves. It wasn’t only health-conscious, vegan, paleo, low-sugar eaters who kept begging us to make more – it was anyone and everyone who simply wanted to enjoy a delicious gelato and to actually feel good afterward. So, from there our vision grew.

Today, we are committed to creating the most delicious plant-based gelato possible, while using no added sugars and sourcing the best quality ingredients we can find. We are dedicated to continuing to develop the most creative, indulgent flavors we can, and to making both people and animals happy all over the world 🙂

With love,
Vita and Ali